Project partners

University College Lillebælt (lead partner)
Contact person: Mejse Holstein

South Denmark European Office (Co-ordinator)
Contact person: Henriette Hansen

Odense Municipality
Contact person: Ane Møller

Vejle Municipality
Contact person: Uffe Nymark Breum

Oslo Municipality
Contact person: Toril Larsen

Oslo University College
Contact person: John-Erik Berg

Coventry University
Contact person: Louise Wallace

Coventry County Council
Contact person: John Dewbury

Local Health Trust 20
Contact person: Sara Carbone

Verona University
Contact person: Federico Schena

The County of Karlovac
Contact Person: Eva Sobotik-Pavan

Medical School of Karlovac
Contact person: Jasminka Štajcer

Municipality of ARROYO DE LA LUZ
Contact Person: Begoña García Bernal